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The Routes of Cervantes

“Liberty, Sancho, my friend, is one of the most precious gifts that Heaven has bestowed on mankind; all the treasures the earth contains in its bosom or the ocean within its depths cannot be compared with it. For liberty, as well as for honor, man ought to risk even his life, and he should reckon captivity the greatest evil life can bring”.


This work is part of the work carried out under the research project of the National R&D Plan funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the Kingdom of Spain, which takes place at the Spanish National Council for Advanced Scientific Research (CSIC) under the direction of Dr. Alfredo Alvar Ezquerra, entitled "Tangible and intangible personal cultural exchanges (ss. XVI-XVII)" (ref. no. HAR2014-55233-P).

Selection and transcription of texts: Alfredo Alvar

Our recognition of the Sub-Directorate General of Archives and, especially, Julia Rodríguez de Diego and Joaquin Pérez Melero (General Archive of Simancas)

All texts have been modernised for easier reading.

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